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Improving the way you do business...
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Our experienced partners are another way we help you improve the way you do business!
Our partners are proven successful with each engagement resulting in a management system tailor-made to define the organization and set it up for success. Our expertise in a variety of industries and with a variety of technologies enables us to meet the needs of the organization with continual improvement and growth in mind. See below for a brief bio on each of our partners. To make inquiries concerning Our Team, please click here

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Meet Our Team!

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Meet Our Team!

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Our Team develops tailor-made management systems designed to adopt and enhance current business practices to maximize existing controls and minimize disruption. Our philosophy is to implement systems that reflect who the organization is, so 3rd party audits come and go without unnecessary preparation. By developing systems that can be lived out day-to-day, we remove all excuses for not following what makes good business sense!

Robert Freeman - Partner

Robert is a recognized authority in the field of quality and environmental management systems based on ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and transitional management.  He has successfully assisted dozens of organizations with their implementation and registration efforts.  He has transitioned many from entrepreneurial and dysfunctional states of existence into structured and thriving organizations, while others with existing and organized structures, he has brought to greater operating effectiveness.

A quality and manufacturing practitioner for over 19 years, his industry experience includes electronics (commercial and military), hardware development, food products, telecommunications, software, medical devices, machining, sheet metal, distribution, cabling, packaging, injection molding, coatings & resins, and media duplication.

Having grown up through the ranks, Robert has been successful at all levels of the organization, working his way to Plant Manager/Director of Quality.  His responsibilities have included design, development, implementation, and operation of quality management systems, as well as, responsibility for manufacturing, materials management, quality, customer service, and other aspects of business.  Robert is an RAB Registered Lead Assessor for ISO 9000, in pursuit of Lead Assessor status for ISO 14000, ASTD Certified in Organizational Training and Development through the University of Oklahoma, and a Certified ISO 9000 Instructor.



Tim Schoenradt - Partner

Tim is an experienced consultant with a background in both operations and technology.  He has assisted several organizations in the development and implementation of quality management systems and business tools based on ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.  Through organizational analysis, process mapping, training, and software application and report development, he has helped improved business understanding and performance, and the measurements process.

A manufacturing, financial, and technical practitioner for over 19 years, his experience includes military electronics and hardware development and manufacturing, facilities construction and maintenance, internet retailers, distributors, and marketplaces, software development, distribution, machining, sheet metal, and electrical and mechanical assembly.

Beginning on the manufacturing floor in production control, systems support, then cost analysis, Tim worked his way into a Manufacturing Systems/Cost Manager position providing vision and facilitation for program cost control, manufacturing quality and cycle time initiatives, and systems support.  His responsibilities have included development and implementation of quality management systems, as well as, responsibility for overall manufacturing performance, and systems design and development.  Tim earned his BS degree in Management Technology from Amber University, his MBA in Management Information Systems from University of Dallas, and is in pursuit of Lead Assessor status for ISO 9000.

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