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You’ve come to the right place!  Our site is currently being updated to enhance your web experience.  

Our site has been developed with you, our business partners, in mind. We provide insightful information, training, and tools to assist you in your pursuit of improved business performance, and if desired, a resulting ISO certification to show your customers you have arrived. Take some time to browse our site. We're in the midst of resource formalization and will move the titles for completed resources from the Coming Next! to the Available Now! section as soon as they are ready!

A glimpse into why we are here…

An-Answer is primarily the online resource arm of our consultancy. We are a full-service consultancy servicing many organizations in a variety of industries. We are finding more than ever before organizations are equipped and able to develop and implement management systems in-house and without the assistance of outside consulting. We have also experienced instances where a set of well-designed tools, templates, and training courses could have improved the success and effectiveness of these endeavors.

Because we see the need in the marketplace for a near hands-off approach to assist organizations in their pursuit of ISO certification and registration, we are making available a set of resources we use with our clients for those organizations who fit the mold of the "do-it-yourself.”


Our resources are top-of-the-line tools developed in Microsoft Office2000 Word, Excel, and Access, and are designed to integrate into organizations rather than dictate to them. The best-laid plans for success require an organization to first understand what it is, and only then, turn its attention to focus on what it wants to become. We offer our resources as stand-alone documents, as well as with comprehensive training materials designed for those who see value in reading the user's manual.


We have offered in-class courses taught by an experienced and certified training team for several years. Our courses have included single organization and consortium-type settings. We are now packaging the wealth of knowledge provided during each session in self-contained self-paced courses that can be taken online at your convenience. Our goal for each of our training courses is to provide education and entertainment (known as edutainmentTM) that will increase your understanding of the subject matter, and also help you retain what you have learned through applied knowledge and the use of a creative communication style unique to our team!

We differentiate ourselves from so many other online training houses that simply regurgitate the standard line-by-line and then ask a series of questions to test your reading ability. Why pay to read line-by-line the standard you already have in front of you? With us, you will not only get a complete overview of the standard, but also, much more than you expect.

The most successful organizations operate with a holistic perspective and do not simply implement processes line-by-line in a vacuum. The relational perspective of the applied standard we provide our clients is what sets our clients' success above the rest.


We specialize in consulting for the development, implementation, and certification to ISO 9001:2000 (effective December 15, 2003) and related standards. Some of these standards include AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, Texas EMS, ISO/TS 16949, and OHSAS 18001. We are also a registered provider for the Dental Lab standard, DAMAS, currently being introduced in the United States. We are a full-service supplier providing system upgrades, complete system development and implementation, gap analyses, internal audits, pre-assessment audits, business development, team building, leadership development, and overall business performance analyses.

We are headquartered in the north Texas area and serve clients from coast-to-coast. Please contact us or visit our website at and we will assist you with more information, setup an informational visit, and/or provide you with a specific quotation.

Moving Beyond ISO-Speak

ISO-Speak is the language of the standard, and in many cases is contrary to the language of the organization.  Organizations consistently struggle to translate ISO-Speak into the language of their business, and thus, tend to apply the standard ineffectively.

We provide impeccable consulting services taking companies everywhere they want to go.  In addition, for those who simply require tools and training to supplement existing knowledge, you can be assured our resources will exceed your expectations!  Our online tutorials are being designed to bring ISO 9001:2000 to you in a practical and useful manner.  

ISO 9001:2000 does not require an organization to do things that make bad business sense, but when organizations struggle to understand and interpret the standard in a manner that makes sense in their culture, it becomes burdensome and is often applied incorrectly.  We will be moving beyond ISO-Speak, working to help you understand the standard in a way that can and should be applied as a platform for good business sense.  

When your organization builds a sound quality management system (QMS) as a platform for an effective business model, there will be no reason to shun the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. When this is the case, obtaining and maintaining registration is a logical by-product of your effective organization

ISO-Speak and the Movie Stargate

Click the thumbnail above to get a better understanding of the need to move beyond ISO-Speak for the sake of developing a "business model" that speaks a language supporting the organization's business first and foremost.